About Lash Extensions

The lashes we use are a high quality product by Glad Lash. It takes approximately two and a half hour to apply a full set of Lashes. It is a semi-permanent eyelash extension individually applied and bonded to your natural lash. There are many different looks you can achieve, from natural to dramatic or even somewhere in-between. The extensions are customizable for everyone. The first twenty-four hours for the eyelash extensions are crucial. You will want to avoid excessive heat, getting them wet and sleeping on your stomach. After the lashes are applied, you will need to get an eyelash fill every four to six weeks. The after care for the eyelash extensions consists of staying away from oil-based products, and to clean your eye makeup with a q-tip. If desired you can wear mascara but keep in mind it will wear them faster. The extensions will not ruin your natural lashes, if you get them removed properly. The removal process takes approximately thirty minutes to professionally remove the extensions. 

Gorgeous Synthetic Mink Lashes

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